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Divorce Attorney | Divorce Law

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage refers to the dissolution or the legal end of a marriage. Every state has its own legal requirements governing when a divorce may be granted. These legal requirements may include a residency requirement, grounds or a reason for the divorce, among others. 
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Modification of Divorce | Modification of Child Custody

After an initial custody determination was made (for older divorces) or a time-sharing schedule was established (for more recent divorces), the best interest of the child is not the first aspect of time-sharing the court will consider to modify the time-sharing/custody.
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Child Custody Law | Child Custody Attorney

First, while we use the term “custody” because that is how people generally recognize the term, Florida uses the term “time-sharing” and the concepts of custody and visitation are no longer a part of Florida law in the Family Law/Domestic Relations courts. Because most citizens recognize the term “custody” still, we use the term in this article. However, the first sign of a good Family Law Attorney is one who quickly tells you that custody is no longer a legal term in Florida in dissolution and paternity actions. 
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Child Relocation Law | Child Relocation Attorney

Making The Move Easier On Children. Whether it’s across the country or down the block, moving can be stressful. Experts agree this is particularly true for young children, who often fear leaving their friends and familiar surroundings for a new home. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 10 million children relocate each year, leaving many parents to struggle with how to create a smooth move for their kids.
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